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Daily maintenance of rubber fenders
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Maintenance of the rubber fenders at the dock requires different degrees of discontinuation. The fast-paced loading dock does not allow for long-term shutdowns. To properly resolve this contradiction, we can proceed from the following three aspects:

1. Grasp the gap between the ship and the berth and the timing of the tidal fluctuations, and see the seams for maintenance. This method is suitable for small-scale, low-volume maintenance tasks. Generally, the construction is carried out by the maintenance team of the loading and unloading company, which can not be affected by the limitation of the outsourcing contract period, and can not be affected by the production and can be flexibly controlled in batches. From the economic benefit analysis, the comparable outsourcing savings are 1 to 2 times that of the farmer, such as the M (DA) type fender of the second berth of the Nanzhan Wharf. The company's maintenance team and the accessory workshop cooperate with each other, first processing and finishing the installation on the shore. Parts and brackets are then installed in batches according to the gap time of the front production. The total cost of materials installed is 11,000 yuan (excluding the purchase price of the D-type fender itself). If the package is outsourced, artificial materials are required. The fee is 26,000 yuan.

2. For the maintenance tasks with large workload, complicated construction and long cycle, such as the production and installation of the steel glue mixing platform fender of the Laobaidu berth, it is generally suitable for the outer package. Because this type of production and installation process is used together, it takes a long time to vacate the dock berth. With this method, the company's planning and production scheduling departments must undergo careful research and arrangement, according to the production capacity and production tasks of the company's various terminals, overall coordination, balance, and local scheduled stop production.

3. Strengthen inspection and maintenance

The most basic measure of maintenance work is to pay attention to the usual inspection and maintenance. The implementation of this work is crucial to reducing maintenance. The company's terminals should set up a special person responsibility system to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the rubber fenders of the docks in the responsible area, so that some minor faults of the fenders can be found in time, such as the loosening of the fastening screws, the damage of the bracket parts, etc., and immediate maintenance, Prevent the development of damage to rubber fenders and bollards. The small hole does not make up, the big hole suffers, and the damage of a large number of fenders in the past has been related to the failure to check and maintain in time. With the continuous advancement of the expertise of the dock rubber fenders, the dock rubber fender market will be more suitable for the fast-paced loading and unloading production docks. Therefore, the problem of selection will continue. Similarly, maintenance problems, with the change in the type of use of the dock fender, the changes in the management system of the enterprise must also be adapted to adopt different maintenance and management methods to continuously improve the quality and level of maintenance of the rubber fenders of the terminal.

Rubber fender vulcanization process

A, the rubber fender is mainly formed by vulcanizing a mixture of natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

B. Adding additives such as carbon black and anti-aging agent to the rubber compound to enhance the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber fender and the resistance to seawater corrosion, anti-aging and ozone resistance.

C, the rubber is uniform, and there are no impurities (foreign impurities), bubbles, dark spots, cracks and other defects that hinder the quality of the product.

D. During the vulcanization process, the skeleton plate is firmly combined with the rubber, and no steel plate is exposed.