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In what areas does rubber fender play an important role?
- Jul 23, 2018 -

In recent years, in the marine field, rubber fenders and other products have been widely used. With the continuous improvement of quality and the purity of technology, its field is constantly expanding. In addition to being used in ships, it is used in the following three areas.

The first one is: when building a pier or a sea-crossing bridge, you can rely on rubber fenders to float overweight objects on the water, but such use is costly, time-consuming, and costly.

The second one is: it can be used to lift overweight objects, the contact surface is relatively large, does not cause physical damage to the fender, has special safety advantages, does not require other auxiliary equipment, and is more flexible to operate. This way is suitable for relatively small space construction.

The third is: underwater salvage and buoyancy. If the boat sinks in the sea, it can be easily floated out of the water with rubber fenders. For large ships, it can be used for floating, which can solve a lot of labor and material resources.

In the end, this method has been developed at a speed in many countries. Not only in our case, but also in statistics, more than 20 countries use rubber fenders in our country. Therefore, in general, we must continue to learn from it, constantly strengthen our own technology, create a more standard, safer, more word-of-mouth fender, establish the image of zero for China's fenders, and make good progress in the whole world. ready.