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The influence of the rubber fender industry
- Jul 23, 2018 -

The influence and level of development of the rubber fender industry

China's current rubber fender and other shipbuilding industries manufacture and consume various tools for the marine transportation and land resource development industries. On the other hand, the shipbuilding industry is also one of the secondary providers of the Chinese navy. This industry can be described as Has a fairly high strategic position.

Under the support of international policies, along with the progress of the international manufacturing industry, the shipbuilding industry such as rubber fenders in China has rapidly developed and gained a high market position in international competition. Before the financial crisis, global demand for ships continued to be sluggish, market demand structure changed, demand for large container ships, LPG ships and LNG ships was strong, demand for bulk carriers and oil tankers was weak, and supply pressure for bulk carriers and oil tankers Larger, oversupply expectations will temporarily exist and ship prices will fall. The newly established and expired treaties of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) have also placed higher demands on the consumption operations of shipbuilding enterprises, adding a certain amount of corporate consumption costs. In the face of the harsh market environment, the relevant departments successively issued industrial revitalization plans and a series of industrial comfort policies aimed at improving the ship industry's environment and stimulating the demand for ships such as international rubber fenders to ensure the safety of the shipbuilding industry such as rubber fenders. The order is expanded.