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The quality and safety of rubber fenders is important
- Jul 23, 2018 -

It is understood that there are many types of rubber fenders installed in the mall, mainly including buckling type, inflatable type, laterally loaded cylindrical type (drum type), butt type V type (ie type X) and flexible pile type. When planning and producing rubber fenders, manufacturers should consider the reaction forces acting on the hull and dock ship components, the deformation of the fender after absorbing the kinetic energy of the ship, the reaction force of the fender deformation on the hull, the relative stiffness of the fender, The effectiveness of the fender energy absorption during non-positive thrust, the rate at which the fender decelerates the ship's berthing speed, the coefficient of friction between the fender system and the hull, the infrastructure investment of the fender system and supporting members and their maintenance costs, the hull Many elements such as the touch method of the fender. Users can choose different types of rubber fenders according to actual conditions. In addition to tugs and small vessels, large tonnage vessels are usually not equipped with rubber fenders. When berthing, they mainly use inflatable rubber fenders to maintain the wharf and hull.

Compared with the shipbuilding mainframes, ship boards and other supporting shopping malls in the shipbuilding industry, the capacity of the rubber fenders is not very large, and the competition is very intense. According to professionals, the annual capacity of rubber fenders in China is more than 2 billion yuan, and there are 3 or 4 manufacturers with high reputation. The main target is the main port and shipbuilding company, and there are more customized products. The share is high and the benefits are good. Some producers who produce more general-purpose goods and are less profitable can only adopt the price competition strategy, even if they choose low-quality materials or choose high-recycled reclaimed rubber to pursue cost reduction, which is more in the collection of rubber fenders. Regional comparisons are everywhere.