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Basic Characteristics And Application Of Rubber Fender
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Many people are not very familiar with what is a rubber fender. This fender is also called a rubber guard. In short, it is actually a device that is installed on a pier or a bed wave. It has many advantages, so with the continuous development of the modern shipbuilding industry, it has gradually become a safety protection device with very high penetration rate. Because different ships have different requirements for the use of fenders, Therefore, in modern society, the types of such fenders are also constantly enriched. If they are distinguished according to the structure, the fenders can be divided into two types: solid fenders and floating rubber fenders. Solid rubber fenders are also known as non-floating fenders. This fender has a very early history of application. It is also the safety protection device for dock ships with the highest penetration rate. If it is differentiated according to the force. , then the fender can be divided into different types of shear type, rotary type and compression type. Compared with other types of anti-collision safety devices, this solid fender has energy absorption and

When we compress the rubber fender, it will show the drum shape. If it can show such a phenomenon, we call it the drum rubber fender. What are the characteristics of this material? Let's take a look at the specific situation. First, if the reaction force does not increase, it will increase its deformation distance, so that it can also increase its energy. Working in this state can be better. It guarantees its normal state. Secondly, there is no anti-shock steel frame installed on the front edge of its fender, which greatly reduces the pressure of the ship and can be more conducive to docking the ship on the edge, which is better. Satisfy the needs of overseas terminals, so that it can work better to achieve the compression of the slope, so that it can better guarantee its pressure state, then in the process of work, it can better reduce the friction generated during work. Coefficient, which will greatly reduce its performance. When the drum rubber fender is working, we must follow the prescribed steps, and at the same time control its various specifications and performance, so that it can be better. Play Its characteristics.