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Causes Of Aging Of Rubber Fenders
- Jul 23, 2018 -

I believe many of my friends heard that the name of rubber fenders is very unfamiliar. In order to let friends know more about rubber fenders, today, Xiaobian will introduce them to friends. There is another name for rubber fenders called rubber protection. Wood, in daily life, we can see it at the pier or put it on. As long as it is installed, it will not collide when it is docked, because it can absorb the impact between the dock and the ship, so it can It protects the ship and prevents the pier from being damaged. Usually the rubber fenders are divided into two types, one is floating and the other is solid. In fact, the ancients began to use solid fenders a long time ago. Because of its wide range of applications, it will be installed on large docks and ships. Solid fenders can be divided into cones, sectors, cylinders, etc. depending on the structure, if different forces are present. In other cases, it can be divided into rotary type, compression type, shear type, etc. In order to better play the role of rubber fenders, friends should consider it carefully when choosing. If floating type fenders are used, It can float

In fact, the main material of rubber fenders is rubber materials, so in the process of use, it is easy to appear aging phenomenon, and according to the actual use of the situation, the main reason for the deterioration of rubber fenders is reflected in the following aspects. Let's take a look at it. First, in the process of protecting the ship, due to the reaction force, this will cause the rubber molecular chain inside to become free during use, in the long-term interaction. In this case, this will lead to an oxidative reaction, which will also lead to aging of the rubber fender. Second, thermal action is another important factor in accelerating the aging of the rubber fender, so it will be caused during use. The temperature rises continuously, then there will be thermal cross-linking. It is because of this that the speed of thermal acceleration will spread a lot, so the rubber fender will be oxidized. Third, with ozone The role is also related. In rubber fenders, ozone has more chemical activity than oxygen, so its destructiveness will be greater, which will lead to the appearance of aging of rubber fenders.