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Rubber Fender Stop Water Band Definition And Scope Of Use
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Rubber fender waterstop and water-stop rubber are made of natural rubber and various synthetic rubbers. They are blended with various additives and fillers. After plasticating, mixing and pressing, they have many varieties and specifications. Bridge type, mountain type, P type, U type, Z type, B type, T type, H type, E type, Q type, etc. According to the use situation, it can be classified into buried rubber waterstop and back-mounted rubber. Water belt. The water-stopping material has good elasticity, wear resistance, aging resistance and tear resistance, and is suitable for deformation and water resistance, and the temperature is in the range of -45 ° C - + 60 ° C. When the temperature exceeds 70 ° C, When the rubber waterstop is strongly oxidized or is attacked by organic solvents such as oil, rubber waterstops shall not be used. It is used for waterproofing deformation of underground structures, dams, reservoirs, swimming pools, roofing and other building materials and structures. .

The notes are as follows:

1 The waterstop should not be exposed to the sun for a long time to prevent rain and do not come into contact with highly polluting chemicals.

2 In the transportation and construction, prevent mechanical and steel damage to the water stop.

3 During the construction process, the waterstop must be securely fixed to avoid displacement during concrete casting and to ensure the correct position of the waterstop in the concrete.

4 The method of fixing the water stop belt is as follows: fixing with additional steel bars; fixing with special fixtures; fixing of lead wire and template, etc. If perforation is required, it can only be selected in the edge installation area of the water stop belt, and other parts must not be damaged.

5 When ordering the product, the user should calculate the length of the product according to the engineering structure and the rubber fender design drawing. The profiled structure should have the drawing description. Try to connect the waterstop in the factory to [1][2] as a whole. , can use electric heating plate vulcanization bonding or cold bonding (rubber waterstop) or welding (plastic waterstop).