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The Importance Of Quality And Safety Of Rubber Fenders
- Jul 23, 2018 -

With the development of China's shipping industry, the demand for docks and marine fenders is increasing, and the requirements for fender performance are getting higher and higher. Among them, rubber fenders are the most widely used for good toughness and impact resistance. At present, there are many manufacturers of rubber fenders in China, and the products are mixed. Some manufacturers survive in the fierce market competition. One-sided low-price competition is the main means. They do not strictly abide by relevant standards and processes, use low-quality raw materials or use excessive regeneration. Glue to reduce costs, which poses a great potential for the safety of docks and ships. Relevant experts said that rubber fender manufacturers should strictly implement relevant national standards, strict process, enhance independent innovation capability, continuously improve product quality, and provide reliable and safe products for China's shipping industry and shipbuilding industry.

It is understood that there are many types of rubber fenders on the market, mainly including buckling type, inflatable type, laterally loaded cylindrical type (drum type), butt type V type (ie type X) and flexible pile type.

When designing and producing rubber fenders, manufacturers should consider the reaction forces acting on the hull and docking ship components, the deformation of the fenders after absorbing the kinetic energy of the ship, the deformation of the fenders acting on the hull, the relative stiffness of the fenders, The effectiveness of the fender energy absorption during non-positive thrust, the rate at which the fender slows down the ship's berthing speed, the coefficient of friction between the fender system and the hull, the infrastructure investment of the fender system and the support members and their maintenance costs, the hull Many factors such as the way of contact with the fender. Users can choose different types of rubber fenders according to actual conditions. In addition to tugs and small vessels, large tonnage vessels are generally not equipped with rubber fenders. When berthing, mainly use inflatable rubber fenders to protect the wharf and hull.

Rubber fenders are mainly used as safety protection for shipbuilding enterprises when they are used for berthing at ships. According to relevant sources, the quality of the products is the first. If a new ship crashes at the dock due to the quality of the rubber fender, resulting in damage to the hull, the new ship will have to be reworked or even delayed. Although the rubber fenders are not the main production facilities of the shipbuilding enterprises relative to the port, the shipyards pay more attention to the cost performance of the rubber fenders, but the quality of the products must not be ignored.