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What Is The Role Of Marine Rubber Fenders?
- Jul 23, 2018 -

When the ship needs to dock on the shore, there will be a very large impact force. If there is no rubber fender, the consequences will be very serious, not only will affect the hull, but also will definitely affect the docked dock. Damage, because a rubber fender guard must be installed at the bow. It uses air as a medium to absorb the impact energy through compressed air. After installing it, the ship will appear more when docked on the shore. Flexibility and cushioning force can achieve anti-collision effect. Up to now, marine rubber fenders have been widely used in various ships and large docks, and they have played a very good role. Manufacturers of woven fabrics wake up everyone, When installing marine rubber fenders, it is also more convenient and simple. Its elasticity is better, it will not produce deformation under the action of compression, but also has flexibility. The most important thing is that it is more economical in terms of price. Very practical equipment.

Around the ship and around the pier, we can often see the rubber fender, which is a kind of item specially designed to protect the ship. When it is used, the ship will not be seriously impacted when it is docked. There will be no damage. However, we need to pay attention to when choosing rubber fenders. Let me introduce them to you today, so that everyone will not have any problems when they choose. The first thing to consider is the suction of the products. The level of energy is the ability to withstand the impact force. Different ships generate different forces when they stop. We have to choose according to the specific conditions of the ship, so that we can fully protect it. Secondly, it is rubber protection. The reaction effect of the side of the ship, if you can choose a product with good reaction, it can better protect the ship when it is used, and can effectively extend the service life of the product itself. The automatic labeling machine manufacturer said that the rubber fender is selected. Be sure to pay attention to the two points mentioned above.