Plastic Marine Fenders For Wharf

Plastic Marine Fenders For Wharf

Plastic marine fenders for wharf could be a quite new proprietary technology product, mistreatment the waste synthetic resinas main materials, inserted with fibreglass reinforcement bars to extend strength. it's several options like high strength, corrosion and decay resistance, not...

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Plastic marine fenders for wharf could be a quite new proprietary technology product, mistreatment the waste synthetic resinas main materials, inserted with fibreglass reinforcement bars to extend strength. it's several options like high strength, corrosion and decay resistance, not corrosion, marine borer resistance, weather resistance, radical long life and low maintenance,so it might replace similar picket fenders or rubber fenders, and has been the simplest selectionof engineering materials for pier construction.

Plastic marine fenders for wharf ar all reclaimable and environmentally friendly. and also the installation methodology is extremely easy, that makes ocean water will flow utterly, the ocean currents won’t be blocked, and it will shield the Marine ecological atmosphere and Marine life, won’t type backwater in ports, breakdown the issues of water no flowing in port, summer stink of corruption, saving the price of atmosphere disposal later and solve the Marine pollution issues.


1.Recycled material, unaffected by marine bores2.Will not rot, corrod or decay3.Low friction coefficient

4.Easy to install and maintenance5.Unlimited lengths


1.Bridge protection

2.Wallings and ullrails

3.Fender piles and systems

4.Guidewalls and locks

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